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The zinc ointment should not be missing in your medicine cabinet. You can not only use zinc ointments on yourself, but also on your dog.

Zinc ointments are a well-known classic when it comes to treating wounds and skin irritations. So all the better if you have some of the ointment at home just in case.

Zinc ointment for humans

In humans, the zinc ointment is used for itching, small wounds and superficial scratches. The ointment helps with various skin ailments. Responsible for this is the ingredient zinc oxide, which ensures that the affected areas dry out well.

But the ointment not only cares for and protects wounds and dry skin in humans, but also in dogs.

Lebertran Zinksalbe

There is cod liver oil zinc ointment especially for animals. Veterinarians recommend the ointment in hard-to-heal wounds.

The cod liver oil zinc ointment for dogs can offer helpful protection against bacteria from the outside in the case of small skin injuries. It also protects against dirt and stays on the skin. In this way, you can significantly reduce the risk of renewed wound infection.

Cod liver oil zinc ointment in dogs

If your dog romps around with his four-legged friends on a walk, a small scratch can quickly occur in the heat of the moment. This can easily be treated at home with a cod liver oil zinc ointment.

The ointment can help with the following problems:

  • dry skin
  • wounds
  • scratches
  • scratches

Dog licks cod liver oil from zinc ointment

Most cod liver oil zinc ointments are licked off by the dog. Only one thing can help: a dog collar. However, if you want to do without the annoying dog collar, you can use a cod liver oil zinc ointment with bitter substances. The wound ointment for dogs contains the bitter substance denatonium benzoate, which prevents unwanted licking, but is absolutely harmless. After all, we only want to prevent the cream from being licked off and not harm the dog.

For whom is cod liver oil zinc ointment suitable?

The ointment is particularly suitable for dogs, cats and horses! The application always remains the same.

Application of cod liver oil zinc ointment

First of all, you should clean the affected skin area before use. Then you can start applying the cream to the affected area. Caution: The wound ointment is not suitable for open/oozing wounds and sensitive mucous membranes.

Application in the dog

Apply the ointment thinly to the affected area of ​​your dog's skin. Depending on your needs, you can repeat this process up to twice a day.

application in the cat

Whether dog or cat, the application is no different. Simply apply the cream thinly to the irritated area of ​​skin, distribute and that's it. Again, the process can be repeated up to a maximum of twice a day.

Application to the horse

Nothing changes in the application for horses either. Apply thinly, distribute and you're done. This process can be repeated up to twice a day.