About us

That's what makes us different!

ANNIMALLY is a feed and care product producer based in Heidelberg, Germany, founded in 2020. So far, so interchangeable - so what do we do differently? Quite a lot! Our products are made in Germany, so they are really and truly "made in Germany". This means they are delivered directly to you and your pet via short delivery routes. Of course they are laboratory tested, but above all they are very well tolerated, effective and affordable! We want your darling to be healthy and full of beans - without you having to pay for a house and a helicopter. Sounds great, doesn't it? It is!

We and the others

While many other food supplements on the market have long ingredient lists with cryptic terms, Annimally focuses on natural active ingredients with high bioavailability. We distance ourselves from flavour enhancers, inadequate testing, unhealthy fillers and other junk that no one needs.

This is how quality goes

We work closely with scientists and veterinarians to bring well-dosed products for animals to the market. An independent laboratory, based in Germany of course, tests our products for their composition. After all, the demands we make on ourselves are huge! We want products that are as effective as possible without being stuffed with unnecessary additives. Oh yes - they also taste good!

Who is behind Annimally?

Executive Director

Katrin, our managing director, has been involved with the topic of health for many years. She brings a lot of expertise from the field of product development of high-quality food supplements for humans. The desire to help four-legged friends stay healthy for a long time drives her every day. 


Noël is our digital expert. He takes care of our relevance on Google, SEO, keyword research, analyses and so on are his area of expertise. You have no idea what that is? No problem, Noël has the clue.

Feelgood Manager

Labrador Coco, born 2019, is the feelgoodmanager of our company. She is always in a good mood, loves humans and especially what they carry ("Snaaaacks?"). She tests our products for their taste quality and actually always gives them a culinary grade of 1. 


Tokio, geb. 2009, is probably the laziest employee Annimally has. Actually, he always reliably sleeps through his shift. When he does manage to open one of his two eyes, he loves to test our cat products.

Our Crew

Besides the staff members listed here, many great humans support us behind the scenes. A team of top scientists, a wonderfully creative designer, our really good content & communications agency, absolutely savvy marketing specialists and so important taxunderstandersworks every day to Annimally gets even better.