Animal-good & locally produced


Annimally is a pet food and care producer based in Heidelberg, founded in 2020. So far, so interchangeable – so what do we do differently? A whole lot! Our products are made in Germany, so they are really and truly “made in Germany”. This means they reach you and your pet directly via short delivery routes. Our products are all well tolerated, developed together with experts and scientifically tested. Our mission: We want your animal companion to be happy and feel completely comfortable - regardless of whether it is a horse, dog or cat. And this for a fair price! Sounds great, right? It is!

Naturalness? let's capitalize!

The difference

Animal lovers know the problem: Many feed supplements and care products on the market contain endlessly long lists of ingredients with cryptic names. Not at Annimally! We rely on natural active ingredients with high bioavailability. Because they can be utilized particularly well by the body. Flavor enhancers, unhealthy fillers and unnecessary bells and whistles? You won't find any of this in our products.

Close collaboration with experts


When developing our food and care products for pets, we work closely with experts. After all, who could know the world of animal health better? Together with scientists and veterinarians, we create products that are not only perfectly tailored to your pet's needs, but are also independently laboratory tested. The demands we place on ourselves are huge! The goal: food and care products that provide your four-legged friend with the best possible support. Without any unnecessary additives. And the best? Our food supplements are also incredibly delicious!

Managing director


Katrin, our managing director, has been dealing with the topic of health for many years. She brings a lot of expertise in the area of ​​product development of high-quality nutritional supplements for people. The desire to help four-legged friends stay healthy for a long time drives her every day.

Manager E-Commerce


Noël is our digital expert. He takes care of e.g. B. about our relevance on Google, SEO, keyword research, analyzes etc. are his area of ​​expertise. You have no idea what that is? No problem, Noël has the idea.
When Noël isn't diving into digital worlds, you're most likely to find him with a bat in his hand. Because hockey and padel are his offline passion.

Sales/Marketing Manager


When it comes to sales and marketing, Miri is one step ahead: before a product reaches you, she is very familiar with it and makes sure that you know about it. Questions, worries, needs? Our Miri is always open to customer concerns and supports wherever she can. Our hobby DJ finds the perfect balance to everyday work at the mixer with the sounds of gangster rap.

Product manager


Turn your hobby into a career? For Mieke, this dream came true at Annimally! As a passionate dressage rider, she is very familiar with working with horses. But it's not just horses that she likes: Mieke is also a proud dog and cat mom. Her Goldendoodle Ole even accompanies her to the office. She uses her know-how to fine-tune the realization of new product ideas, takes care of our social media marketing and is the contact person for sponsorship matters. Mieke also takes care of everything related to our trade fair appearance.

Manager of Fulfillment


As fulfillment manager, Lena ensures that shipping runs smoothly and also ensures that all of our products are available at all times. She coordinates the shipping team and ensures that your package reaches you quickly. 

Employee Fulfillment


It's not just the content that matters, but also the packaging! Our fulfillment employee Edona knows this. It ensures that your order arrives lovingly packaged and safely at your home. If you find a handwritten note in the package, you can be sure: Edona had a hand in it.

Internationalization manager


As International Business Development Manager, Miriam is responsible for the internationalization of European markets. In addition, she coordinates all translations for labels and documents and oversees the areas of market analysis and market research. Your area of ​​responsibility also includes the expansion of existing sales structures and the development of new international markets. Away from the Annimally cosmos, Miriam is very passionate about fashion. In her free time, she also enjoys traveling the world with her family to discover new cultures and languages.

Internationalization Manager


Als International Business Development Manager
and project manager for the DACH region, Kevin also strongly supports our European internationalization. Not only does he always keep an eye on shipping processes and inventory levels, he also takes care of our pan-European product placement on Amazon. When he's not promoting Annimally in Europe, he enjoys doing sports or traveling to the most remote corners of the world.

Employee Fulfillment


Marion also does her best every day to ensure that our products not only arrive nicely packaged, but also arrive safely to you and your four-legged friend. As a fulfillment employee, she leaves nothing to chance when it comes to parcel shipping and has an eye for details.

In her free time, Marion enjoys immersing herself in the world of flavors and cuisine. Her kitchen is a place where she expresses her creativity and attention to detail. Whether it's about trying out new recipes or refining traditional dishes, Marion is always enthusiastic about it. Her cooking skills are not only a delight for the palate, but also for the souls of her family and friends.

Close collaboration

Our experts

Dipl. ECVS, Specialist Veterinary Surgeon

Christoph Kühnle

As an experienced veterinarian, Christoph supports and advises us on everything to do with horses. His large horse clinic in Ilshofen follows the motto: When it comes to your horse, only the best is good enough. And we couldn't agree more!
Christoph is also team veterinarian for the Swiss national dressage team. His focus: orthopedics, sport horse medicine and surgery. His five-year additional training in the field of surgery “Diplomate ECVS” provides an extra portion of equestrian expertise. When it comes to carefully testing recipes or ideas for new products, Christoph is our man!


Malissa Schmidt

As a physiotherapist and osteopath for horses and dogs, Malissa is also a real expert when it comes to the health of your companion. Not only does she run her own practice in northern Germany , which offers numerous therapy options for dogs, but she also operates her mobile practice for horses. Thanks to numerous training courses, she is also very familiar with special topics such as thermography, biomechanics, acupuncture, dry needling, bioelectrical functional diagnostics, taping and the like. But that's not all: Malissa is also a qualified animal healer certified by the Association of German Animal Healers. She makes her concentrated know-how available to us for all questions about horses and dogs.

Animal colleagues

FeelGood Manager

Bild 1


No question: our bustling Labrador dog Coco is our company's feel-good manager. She is always in a good mood, loves people and especially what they carry with them (“Snaaaacks?”). Coco tests our products for their taste quality and – who would have thought – always gives the culinary grade 1.

Bild 2


Probably the weakest Annimally employee! The slacker, born in 2009, almost always sleeps through his shift. When he finally gets around to opening one of his two eyes, he loves to try out our cat products.

Bild 3


The Goldendoodle male Ole (also called Olinger), born at the end of 2022, is always at the start - whether in the office or in the horse stable. The young whirlwind keeps the Annimally team on their toes and, after long naps, provides the necessary amount of exercise in everyday office life. Ole is up for any fun and any video. Last but not least, he is of course also a proud member of the animal taste test committee.