Feed additives & care

for horses

Made in Germany

All food supplements and care products are made in Germany, so they are really and truly “made in Germany”. This means they reach you and your pet directly via short delivery routes.

No frills

While many other food supplements on the market have long ingredient lists with cryptic terms, Annimally relies on natural ingredients with high bioavailability. We distance ourselves from flavor enhancers, inadequate testing, unhealthy fillers and other nonsense that no one needs. 

Proven and Tested

We work closely with scientists to bring well-dosed products for animals onto the market. The demands we place on ourselves are huge! We want products that are as effective as possible without being full of unnecessary additives. Oh yes - they taste good too!

High quality

We develop and produce feed supplements and care products for your pet. Many of our animal products are independently laboratory tested. Above all, they are very well tolerated, effective and affordable!

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