What exactly is an enzyme cleaner?

An enzyme cleaner helps against bacteria as well as against odors and optical stains. Especially great: The product does not contain any nasty chemicals and is therefore super gentle. The stain and dirt removal is at least as efficient as or, usually even more efficient than with more aggressive cleaners. Enzyme cleaners are therefore particularly suitable for sensitive household materials such as certain tiles and fabrics.

And what is an enzyme?

Enzymes are nothing more than proteins, i.e. proteins that control biochemical reactions as biocatalysts. They are usually found in or on our bodies or the bodies of animals. But plants also have proteins. However, enzymes do not only occur in nature; they can also be developed in the laboratory. It is exactly these catalytic properties of enzymes that are used in the cleaner.

Stain remover with the power of enzymes

In contrast to biocides, cleaning with enzymes is significantly gentler on textiles and even sensitive tiles.

Benefits of Enzyme Cleaners

Cat urine stinks - not immediately, but when bacteria break down the urine. It is precisely this process that creates the foul and typical cat urine smell. Unfortunately, normal fragrance sprays or odor blockers only cover up the stench, after a few hours it smells unpleasant again. Why? The bacteria were not destroyed and continue to work happily under the spray. Harsh detergents, on the other hand, often contain ammonia. The same is contained in cat urine - so the chemical club smells familiar to the cat. The result: Miezi really feels invited and simply pees over it again. Enzyme cleaners, on the other hand, break down the bacteria and thus ensure a neutral odor. In addition, enzyme cleaners are non-toxic and biodegradable - provided no chemical agents have been added.

How exactly does cleaning with the product work?

The cleaning takes place on a biochemical basis. This means that there is a chemical process that underlies the mechanism of action, but without chemicals being sprayed on - on a purely biological basis. The enzymes contained in the enzyme cleaner split the dirt into its individual components - it acts like a catalyst. In this way, the enzyme cleaner effectively neutralizes odors and dirt. The exposure time of enzyme cleaners is a little longer, but the effect is particularly productive and at the same time gentle and environmentally friendly.

What does the enzyme cleaner clean?

Enzyme cleaners can be used wherever surfaces are particularly sensitive. They are therefore suitable for all surfaces - because even the insensitive surfaces will not mind a mild cleaning. In particular, however, enzyme cleaners are used on sensitive fabrics such as sofas, carpets, curtains and clothing. Even if the product is absolutely mild and chemical-free, you should spray it on a small, invisible corner of the fabric to be cleaned beforehand as a test. So you can be sure that everything will go well when you spray a large area.

Which odors are eliminated by microorganisms?

After use, the cleaner reliably eliminates various animal odors of all categories, such as cat urine, faecal odor and dog urine. Odors of organic origin are not a problem for this cleaning agent, even with a single use. An odor remover, which contains enzymes and microorganisms, neutralizes animal odors in the long term, as they are not masked but completely removed with the help of the enzymes.
Microorganisms not only cover up residues of urine or other stains from your animals, but also ensure the complete destruction of all organic dirt in every area on an enzyme basis.
Enzymes are the eco-friendly alternative to scented odor eliminators that only mask odors, not remove them.

In which area do you use enzyme cleaners?

Using enzyme cleaners is easy. Some enzyme cleaners consist of a tablet that you dissolve in water and only then apply. Our Hoppala spray, on the other hand, is already finished and only needs to be sprayed on. After you have removed the coarse dirt from the area to be treated, simply spray the enzyme cleaner on it. Then it's just a matter of waiting. After the exposure time, you can simply remove the dirt with a cloth or sponge. Since the cleaning enzymes in the Hoppala spray are harmless organic agents, cleaning with water is not necessary.

Enzyme cleaners with microorganisms or conventional cleaners?

Clearly: enzyme cleaner! In the household in particular, we mostly deal with enzymes that cause stains. Grease residues are a problem in the kitchen, urine scale in the toilet, sweat stains on clothing, cat urine on the carpet: these are precisely the problems that are commonplace - and contrary to what was thought for years, they can hardly be eliminated with classic surfactants alone. In a clever combination, enzymes and surfactants become a real superpower against stains. The enzymes break down the molecules of the stain so that it can be washed out or simply make it invisible. Advantageous: Of course, we want gentle agents, especially in the bathroom and kitchen, but also on home textiles or clothing. This is where things should be particularly hygienic and at the same time health-friendly. A gentle enzyme cleaner is therefore particularly suitable for these areas.

Can I make my own enzyme cleaner?

You can find recipes online that promise an enzyme cleaner alternative made from sugar, yeast, lemon zest and water. Yes, that can work. But: If you prepare an enzyme cleaner yourself, you have to plan a lot of time. Everything is filled into a bottle, must rest and be aired in between. It can take up to a month before the cleaner is ready to use. Then a fermentation takes place, which also lasts. During this time, the bottle must be shaken daily. Any solid substances left in the bottle afterwards must be poured off. And if you're really unlucky, your DIY enzyme mine may have started to mold in the meantime. In general, the consistency is always a surprise. Thanks to their ingredients, ready-made enzyme cleaners are just as harmless, but they belong to the "reliable" category and are also odorless. Another plus point after the purchase: once it has been sent, you have it directly at hand.

Can the product also be used in combination with other cleaners?

The cleaner develops the most reliable effect against organic pollution when it is used without additional cleaning agents. This is the recommendation of all manufacturers. In this way, the enzymes can clean in their natural form and the product unfolds its full effect against dirt, impurities and animal odors.

Avoid chemicals

Especially in the household, every pet owner should be considerate of dogs or cats and avoid unnecessary chemicals. A product that uses microorganisms and enzymes respects animals and nature. In addition, the use of such a liquid protects the products of the animals and the products of the owners alike. Stain removers and odor removers should be readily available in every pet household. If these are free of chemical additives, not only will your four-legged friend be happy, but also the environment. Products that contain microorganisms should be used correctly according to the instructions in order to achieve the best possible result.

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