Multi Vital Pulver

Vitamin booster for horses

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  • ALL-ROUND CARE FOR YOUR HORSE: Our Multi Vital powder provides all the essential vitamins, trace elements and minerals that your horse needs.
  • INGREDIENTS FROM NATURE: As real all-rounders, natural ingredients such as acerola powder, moringa leaves and chamomile flowers are used in our powder.
  • LESS IS MORE: With our product we rely on select ingredients and the most effective formula.
  • PROVEN & TESTED: Our products are carefully developed and thoroughly tested to ensure the highest quality
  • MADE IN GERMANY: Our products are “Made in Germany”. This is not only good for the environment, but also for you! Because while short delivery routes protect Mother Nature, everything you order from us will be with you in no time.

ground apple pomace; Cistus herb ground 5.0%; ground chamomile flowers; ground barley grass; Aronia pomace; acerola powder 2.5%; Ground rose hips 2.5%; hemp oil; ground moringa leaves; Colostrum

Nutritional additives: Vitamin A (3a672a) 50,000 IU; Vitamin D3 (3a671) 30,000 IU; Vitamin E (3a700) 5,000 mg; Vitamin B1 (3a821) 4,900 mg; Vitamin B2 (3a826) 1,600 mg; Vitamin B6 as pyridoxine hydrochloride (3a831) 1,400 mg; Vitamin C (3a300) 500 mg; Vitamin B12 (3a835) 26,000 mcg; Niacinamide (3a315) 150 mg; Calcium D-Pantothenate (3a841) 110 mg; Folic acid (3a316) 100 mg; Zinc as glycine zinc chelate, hydrate (3b607) 2,000 mg

crude protein 9.1%; Crude fiber 21.7%; Crude fat 5.5%; raw ash 4.0%; Sodium 0.05%

Your horse receives 30 g of the Multi Vital powder for every 600 kg of body weight per day. For ponies and small horses you should adjust the dose to their body weight.

Please note the waiting period of 2 days / 48 hours before tournaments or competitions.

This supplementary feed may not make up more than 6% of the daily ration due to the higher trace element content compared to complete feed.

The product should be kept out of the reach of small children. Please store in a dry place, protected from light and not above 25 °C.


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All round care

Vitamin Booster

A practical all-in-one solution: Our Multi Vital ensures that your four-legged friend remains well supplied with vitamins, trace elements and minerals. Why is this important? These substances are essential for the horse’s body. While vitamins are involved in numerous vital metabolic processes, trace elements play an important role in energy metabolism and nutrient utilization.

Our immune booster

For vitality in everyday life

Minerals are also essential for many metabolic processes. Paired with natural raw materials, our powder also provides your pet with valuable omega fatty acids and can compensate for nutrient deficiencies. In the long term and across different phases of life, it can support your horse's performance and ensure all-round balance in the horse's organism.

By the way: There are numerous vitamins that are important for horse feeding. You can read about what these include and what tasks they perform in the body in the list of ingredients below.

Ideally combined

Why the horse's body needs certain substances

Horse owners know the phenomenon: Somehow Silbermond, Arabella and Adventure don't look like they're feeling adventurous today. But why is it? If your loved one is somehow not himself, there can of course be many reasons. However, weak and atypical horse behavior can often be linked to a lack of vitamins and minerals - especially during stress caused by tournaments, the winter time or, for example, a stable change. These actions quickly affect the horse's immune system. It is not always possible to cover the animal's basic need for minerals and vitamins through balanced feeding with high-quality roughage such as hay or grass. Nowadays it is only possible to cover the trace element requirement through basic feed alone in an inadequate manner. The solution? Our natural multivitamin supplier in powder form!


Your horse receives 30 g of the Multi Vital powder for every 600 kg of body weight per day. For ponies and small horses you should adjust the dose to their body weight.

Please note the waiting period of 2 days / 48 hours before tournaments or competitions.

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Dipl. ECVS, Fachtierarzt

Vertraue auf die Expertise von Christoph Kühnle, dem Mannschaftstierarzt der Schweizer Dressur-Nationalmannschaft. Mit einer eigenen Pferdeklinik und Spezialisierung in Orthopädie, Sportpferdemedizin und Chirurgie, empfiehlt er unsere Produkte als Teil seiner ganzheitlichen Betreuung. Mit FEI-Zulassung und einer fünfjährigen Zusatzausbildung für Chirurgie ist er eine anerkannte Autorität in der Pferdemedizin. Seine Unterstützung erstreckt sich über Rezepturen und innovative Produktideen – eine Empfehlung aus erster Hand für die optimale Unterstützung Deines Pferdes.

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Malissa ist als Physiotherapeutin und Osteopathin für Pferde und Hunde eine echte Expertin, wenn es um die Gesundheit Deines Wegbegleiters geht. Sie betreibt nicht nur eine eigene Praxis in Norddeutschland, die zahlreiche Therapiemöglichkeiten für Hunde bietet, sondern ist mit ihrer Fahrpraxis für Pferde auch mobil im Einsatz. Dank zahlreicher Fortbildungen kennt sie sich außerdem mit Spezialthemen wie Thermographie, Biomechanik, Akupunktur, Dry Needling, bioelektrischer Funktionsdiagnostik, Taping und Co. bestens aus. Aber damit nicht genug: Malissa ist zudem geprüfte und vom Verband deutscher Tierheilpraktiker-zertifizierte Tierheilpraktikerin. Ihr geballtes Know-how stellt sie uns bei allen Fragen rund um Pferd und Hund zur Verfügung.

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