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Our dental care and cleaning powder with natural ingredients contributes to your dog's dental health - against plaque and tartar and is also effective against bad breath - without toothbrush.

  • HEALTHY TEETH: Our dental care and cleaning powder Oral Vital contributes to the dental health of your dog. At the same time, it is also effective against bad breath - without a toothbrush or toothpaste.
  • HIGH VALUE CONTENTS: Seaweed flour, parsley, apple and spirulina algae, enriched with vitamin C, sodium bicarbonate and diatomaceous earth, act naturally and without preservatives.
  • LESS IS MORE: We do not like artificial chemicals at all and therefore leave out everything that does not need to be pure!
  • SCIENTIFICALLY BASED: Oral Vital is scientifically tested and was developed in cooperation with veterinarians.
  • MADE IN GERMANY: Made with love in Germany and quickly delivered to you without detours.

We distance ourselves from flavor enhancers, insufficient testing, unhealthy fillers and other junk that nobody needs. 

All feed supplements and care products are manufactured in Germany, so they are really and truly "made in Germany". This means they reach you and your pet directly via short delivery routes.

We work closely with scientists and veterinarians to bring well-dosed products to the market for animals.

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Zahnpflege für Hunde: Ein Hund mit einer Zahnbürste im Maul

Dental care for dogs

"A bit of bad breath - that's normal for dogs" Nah, it's not that easy. Of course, our four-legged friends don't necessarily smell like fresh mint from their mouths, but a distinct bad smell can be the first sign of dental disease. By the way, many suffer from them – starting at the age of six even a full 80%.

It then becomes problematic in the treatment of periodontitis and the like, because dogs usually have to be put under anesthesia for this. And that is not only torture for the four-legged friend, it also hurts the wallet a lot. It is better to ensure healthy teeth at an early stage. This can be done very easily with our Oral Vital powder, for example.

Better safe than sorry

Oral Vital cleaning and dental care powder makes oral hygiene for furry friends child's play – without a toothbrush or toothpaste. The ingredients help with tartar, plaque, plaque and discoloration. And nasty bad breath is also over. woo-hoo!

Zahnpflege Hund: Ein gesundes Gebiss eines Hundes
Hunde Zahnpflege: Ein Hund strahlt in die Kamera

Dental care against bad breath

Thanks to peppermint and parsley, our Oral Vital also helps against your dog's bad breath. Both ensure fresh breath and also have a supporting effect in cleaning and keeping the teeth healthy.

Effective dental care for dogs

The ideal mix of eggshell powder, parsley, seaweed flour, peppermint and spirulina algae, enriched with vitamin C, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and natural kieselguhr for ideal dental care for your dog. Swallow absolutely desired.

Ein glücklicher Hund zeigt seinen wunderschönen Zähne

The active ingredients

Unser Oral Vital enthält Eierschalenpulver

Eggshell Pulver

Among other things, eggshells provide the important mineral calcium, which is essential for the stability of teeth and bones.

Petersilie sorgt für einen frischen Atem und wirkt aktiv gegen Hunde Mundgeruch


Parsley provides more freshness in the breath and contains a lot of iron, magnesium, vitamins and calcium. It also has a higher number of antioxidants and flavonoids.

In unserem Zahnpflege Pulver für Hunde durfte Seealgenmehl nicht fehlen


Seaweed helps with plaque and discoloration, as it gently cleans the teeth and, thanks to the high iodine content, is also good for the thyroid gland.

Pfefferminze beseitigt den Mundgeruch von Hunden und hilft bei der Zahnpflege


Peppermint ensures fresh breath, binds odors and actively counteracts bad breath.

Natron entfernt Verschmutzungen und kann bei Plaque helfen


The added baking soda is not only very popular in toothpaste for humans, it also has a peeling effect on dogs and removes dirt.

Sprirulina wirkt ebenfalls gegen Hunde Mundgeruch


Spirulina algae can strengthen bones and teeth and help with bad breath.

This is how you use the Oral Vital

Application in dogs

To make it easy for you, you get a matching mini dosing spoon with every pack. 1 g fits into it. For every 10 kg of body weight you feed one mini dosing spoon daily. So if your dog weighs 20 kg, he gets 2 measuring spoons. You can simply mix the powder with the feed.

Additional Information

Composition of the dentifrice

At Annimally, we pay particular attention to high-quality ingredients. So you only get the best for your animal.

Ingredients Oral Vital

Eggshell pulver, Petersilie Feinteile, Seealgenmehl, Pfefferminzblätter, Natriumbicarbonat, Spirulina

Additives per kg:

Vitamins, provitamins and chem. Defined substances with a similar effect: vitamin C (3a300) 3,500 mg, binder: kieselguhr - diatomaceous earth, purified (E551c) 50,000 mg

Analytical components and contents:

crude protein 12.7%; crude fiber 2.7%; crude fat 1.4%; crude ash 52.0%; Ash insoluble in hydrochloric acid 5.5%; Calcium 15.8%

Feeding Advice:

The iodine content is 93.14 mg/kg.

Oral Vital Notes


The product should be kept out of the reach of small children. Please store dry, protected from light and not above 25 °C.

frequently asked Questions

What is good for dog teeth?

Dogs’ teeth should be cleaned regularly – ideally even daily. In addition, the dog should be given special chewing sticks or toys that promote the abrasion of deposits. By the way, dogs can also get tooth decay. A balanced and sugar-free diet prevents this.

How do you remove tartar from dogs?

The tartar removal at the vet is similar to that in humans by cleaning the teeth. For this purpose, the dog is usually put under a light anesthetic. The removal usually takes place with an ultrasound device.

What helps tartar in dogs?

The best cure for tartar is prevention. Therefore, dog teeth should be cleaned regularly. If tartar is already present, a veterinarian should be consulted. There, tartar can be removed professionally - but this is usually done under anesthesia. So-called tartar scrapers, which can be used to remove tartar yourself, are controversial.

How often to brush your dog's teeth?

Dogs' teeth should be cleaned daily. A dog toothbrush does not always have to be used for this. Dental sticks or special toys for cleaning teeth can also do the job. If a dog does not allow its teeth to be brushed, various tooth gels can also help against plaque.

Oral Vital - Dental Care Dog

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Dental care in dogs

As a loving dog owner, you do everything you can to keep your dog in top shape, from feeding them nutritious food and treats to daily exercise and visiting the vet for preventative care. But are you paying enough attention to your dog's dental care? If not, it's time to change your habits. Because proper care can mean the difference between healthy canine teeth and an oral condition that could cause your puppy or dog discomfort (or even pain).

What does a healthy mouth look like in a dog?

Before you learn how to maintain healthy dog teeth (and what can happen if you don't), as a caring dog owner, you first need to understand what healthy dog teeth look like. Healthy canine teeth should be clean and free of plaque and tartar (hard, flaky, or sticky stains). Dogs have 42 teeth (a third more than you have) that are intact and not jagged or broken.

Dogs' tongues should be wet - with no evidence of lumps or cuts. And, in most cases, the gums should be salmon-colored. Some dog breeds have naturally black or black-pink gums, which can make looking for the usual signs of discoloration or gingivitis difficult. Make sure you know what your pet's mouth, teeth, and gums typically look like, and talk to your vet if you spot lumps, raised areas, pale gums, or bright red tissue.

Dental care in dogs

If you're new to brushing your dog's teeth, take small steps. Note, however, that you should get your dog used to touching his mouth and teeth before you come over with toothbrushes and toothpaste to brush his teeth. Touch his snout first and practice running your finger over his teeth and gums. Once he can handle it - while remaining calm and relaxed - introduce the toothbrush. Let him smell her and gently rub her over his teeth. This process can take a few days for each step. Go slowly and don't push your dog. After all, you don't want him to develop anxious or negative feelings about dental care.

Proper cleaning of dogs teeth - technique

Once you've developed the confidence to brush your teeth, it's time to work on the technique. First lift your dog's lips and brush his front teeth. Slowly work your way towards the back of its mouth, paying attention to the outside of its teeth. You may have to withdraw at first and only brush a few teeth at a time. Once dogs get used to grooming and cleaning their teeth, it will be quick and easy. Dog toothpaste is also specially formulated to be as tasty as possible, as long as you prefer turkey and chicken to minty freshness. Look out for dog toothpaste or dog food supplements that support your four-legged friend's dental hygiene. Remember: you should never use human toothpaste on your dog as the ingredients can upset his stomach and make him extremely ill. Regular dental care for dogs is the key to success.

Another important part of dental care and dental hygiene for dogs is an annual professional cleaning at the veterinarian's office. This teeth cleaning should be done under anesthesia every one to three years. Vets can clean under dogs' gums and other hard-to-reach places and prevent oral and systemic dental diseases such as tartar, gingivitis, plaque and other dental problems. X-rays of your puppy's teeth may also be taken during this process to ensure there are no other dental problems, similar to what you would do at your dentist's.

If you take care of your dog's dental care, you can make a difference with the right diet. Dog food specially formulated for your four-legged friend's dental care can help reduce dental problems such as plaque, tartar, plaque and tartar and freshen their breath. For all dog parents who get dog kisses, fresh breath is a must!