Skin Care Pro for dry & flaky skin

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The skin care spray for dogs, cats & horses. Skin Care Pro naturally supports your loved one's skin with liverwort, aloe vera, salt from the Dead Sea and nourishing oils.

  • GOOD ALL AROUND: Skin Care Pro provides support with regular use and cares for dry and scaly skin on dogs and horses.
  • HIGH-QUALITY INGREDIENTS: Liverwort, aloe vera, Dead Sea salt and high-quality oils – the spray contains only natural ingredients.
  • LESS IS MORE: Bye, bye frills - you can search a long time for additives with us!
  • MADE IN GERMANY: Protecting the environment is our claim, so we use short delivery routes: We produce in Germany.

We distance ourselves from flavor enhancers, insufficient testing, unhealthy fillers and other junk that nobody needs. 

All feed supplements and care products are manufactured in Germany, so they are really and truly "made in Germany". This means they reach you and your pet directly via short delivery routes.

We work closely with scientists and veterinarians to bring well-dosed products to the market for animals.

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Skin care for dogs & horses

Skin Care Pro is the ideal support for dry and scaly skin on dogs and horses. The skin of our four-legged friends can be exposed to great challenges and skin irritations. Dog breeds with wrinkled skin are particularly prone to this. Unfortunately, the cuddly skin flaps that we love so much are particularly vulnerable. Skin Care Pro protects your paw friend's skin naturally with nourishing oils.

natural content

Our care spray is of purely natural origin, so it does not irritate the skin and is also wonderfully suitable for allergy sufferers. So crawling and cuddling together is quickly possible again. Our skin care spray is also ideal for dogs with long fur: Thanks to the spray function, it reliably reaches the skin of even the most shaggy fur nose.

Pflegt auch das Fell und die Haut von Pferden

Support for dry & scaly skin

The ingenious combination of liverwort extract, aloe vera, dead sea salt, lemon oil, lavender oil, tea tree oil, grapefruit oil, manuka oil and geranium oil to support dry skin in dogs and horses. A perfect recipe of essential oils, plant-based superfood, valuable salt and powerful moss, which can also help with scaly skin on dogs and horses.

The ingredients

Lebermoos für Hunde, Katzen & Pferde


Like all mosses, the liverwort it contains is particularly robust and can withstand even the toughest conditions - it has been around for more than 35 million years.

Aloe Vera für Hunde, Katzen & Pferde

Aloe Vera

A real all-rounder is the juice of the aloe vera plant. This power plant could not be missing in our skin care spray.

Totes Meer Salz für Hunde, Katzen & Pferde

Dead sea Salt

We humans also use the valuable salt to improve the skin, it has become an indispensable ingredient in skin care (also in animals).

Manuka für Hunde, Katzen & Pferde


The New Zealand manuka oil is very versatile due to the unique composition of its active ingredients.

Teebaumöl für Hunde, Katzen & Pferde

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is highly effective and very versatile. In humans, it becomes alternative. The universal remedy can support, revitalize and make dry skin supple again. It can also be given to dogs and horses for dry and scaly skin.

Hochwertige Öle für Hunde, Katzen & Pferde

More oils

Lemon oil, grapefruit oil and geranium oil are true all-rounders and also support the skin's condition.

This is the best way to spray


If necessary, simply spray the affected areas against the coat line and massage in. By the way: Your furry friend will love a little massage like this! Avoid eye contact. You can use our Skin Care Pro several times a day if necessary!

Additional Information

Composition of the skin care spray

At Annimally, we pay particular attention to high-quality ingredients. So you only get the best for your animal.

Ingredients of Skin Care Pro

Liverwort Extract, Dead Sea Salt, Aloe Vera, Lemon Oil, Lavender Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Grapefruit Oil, Manuka Oil, Geranium Oil


Avoid eye contact!


The product should be kept out of the reach of small children. Please store dry, protected from light and not above 25 °C.

Skin Care Pro for dry & flaky skin

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