Zec McWeg: Natural Power for dogs

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  • All-round FIT: For optimal support on a natural basis.
  • HIGH QUALITY INGREDIENTS: Cistus herb, black cumin oil, seaweed meal and brewer's yeast.
  • LESS IS MORE: We only use the ingredients that are on it - and as few as possible.
  • Science-BASED: We trust our experts! Zec McWeg was developed together with veterinarians.
  • MADE IN GERMANY: Just ordered, already with you! We avoid long delivery routes and produce in Germany.

We distance ourselves from flavor enhancers, insufficient testing, unhealthy fillers and other junk that nobody needs. 

All feed supplements and care products are manufactured in Germany, so they are really and truly "made in Germany". This means they reach you and your pet directly via short delivery routes.

We work closely with scientists and veterinarians to bring well-dosed products to the market for animals.

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Natural premium formula

Through forest and field: When the sun comes out again, long walks with the dog in the countryside, in fields, in the forest and in the tall grass are the norm. The powder is a natural support without any side effects for the dog, which can be given permanently. No chemicals, no biocides, no unnecessary nonsense for the dog.

cistus herb and black cumin oil

cistus was already used in ancient times. The edible plant has a high proportion of secondary plant substances, so-called polyphenols. Black cumin oil is rich in essential oils, unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins. It has been used medicinally for over 2,000 years.

And otherwise?

Seaweed can support the thyroid function due to the natural iodine content. The seaweed flour it contains also brings zinc and carotenoids, which are good for the skin and support the immune system. The brewer's yeast in Zec McWeg is bursting with vitamins, minerals and trace elements and is also really tasty. The B vitamins it contains can stimulate the skin's metabolism.

The ingredients

Schwarzkümmel für Hunde

black seed oil

The cold-pressed black cumin oil benefits our faithful companions as well as us humans. It is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, valuable essential oils, vitamins and minerals.

Zistrose für Hunde

cistus herb

Cistus Incanus was already known in southern countries in ancient times and was often used. The edible plant has a high proportion of polyphenols. The herb has many well-known beneficial benefits - especially if the dog is often outdoors.

Bierhefe für Hunde

brewer's yeast

Brewer's yeast is bursting with vitamins, minerals and trace elements and is versatile and also really tasty.

Seealgenmehl für Hunde

Seaweed meal

Seaweed meal can support the thyroid function due to the natural iodine content. It also contains zinc and carotenoids, which are good for the skin and support the immune system.

This is how you dose correctly

Application in dogs

Per 20 kg body weight gets your fur nose 5 g of the Zec McWeg powder. This corresponds to a level measuring spoon full. The measuring spoon is included.
For small dogs or puppies, we recommend a mini measuring spoon to dose 1g. We are very happy to add this to your order if you leave us a note during the payment process. Just give the powder over the food every day... hmmm delicious!

It is best to start feeding in the spring! Don't worry, the powder is completely harmless.

Additional Information

Composition by Zec McWeg

At Annimally, we pay particular attention to high-quality ingredients. So you only get the best for your animal.


Yeast, cistus herb, black cumin oil, seaweed flour

Analytical components and contents:

crude protein 25.8%; crude fiber 7.6%; crude fat 8.3%; Crude ash 4.7%


Not compatible with cats due to the black cumin oil it contains.

When doing BARF, please note that Zec McWeg already contains seaweed flour and you may need to adjust the BARF ration accordingly. The iodine content is 0.031 mg per 5 g of powder.


The product should be kept out of the reach of small children. Please store dry, protected from light and not above 25 °C.

Zec McWeg: Natural Power for dogs

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