Rainy weather and now? How to power your dog indoors

When it rains outside, even the four-legged friends often don't want to get out of the dry four walls. The business is done quickly and nothing like going back to the warm, cozy basket. But even if dogs can sleep around 17 hours a day, it will show up at some point: boredom! We reveal how to recognize them and what to do about them.

Barking, chewing, whining - this is how you recognize bored furry friends

If your four-legged friend is bored, he will become restless - just like us humans. And he makes that unmistakably clear to you through various signals. Many dogs start barking for no reason, along the lines of “master, mistress, here I am, pay attention to me!”. Other furry friends whimper in high pitched tones and that can really get on your nerves. Many a dog protests against boredom. Indiscriminately he begins to chew on or even break everything that isn't nailed down. At least now the dog needs action! But beware: Wait a moment of calm, otherwise your dog will learn that his nerve actually helps and will use it tactically in the future.

How to keep your dog busy at home

Hund wird zu Hause ausgepowert durch Training

Keeping dogs occupied indoors really isn't difficult - it just takes a few creative ideas and let's have fun. Here are our tips for bad weather days.

practice commands

There is a lot of distraction lurking outside and this makes practicing commands difficult, especially with young dogs. Inside you have it in your hands: Sit! Down! Stay! and Co. are great for practicing. And who doesn't know that learning is really exhausting in the long run? So don't overdo it. Rather many short training sessions and regular breaks. This gives the dog enough time to process what it has learned and to relax in between.


You can get rid of the right tormentors with hidden object games. Hide your four-legged friend's favorite toy or a food bag in the apartment. Meanwhile, the dog has to wait in its place. Then he may click "Search!" getting started. Feel free to increase the level of difficulty after a while - this will keep you interested.

brain toys

There are tons of intelligence toys for dogs out there. Usually food has to be found by solving a task. It really gets your head spinning and it's definitely exhausting. But be careful: dogs quickly lose interest in such games once they get the hang of it. Therefore, when buying, make sure that the toy can also be used variably.

practice fetch

"Get the stick!" - not so easy for many dogs. Sometimes, as a dog owner, you really have the feeling that your furry friend just doesn't want to fetch. But don't despair: Any dog ​​can learn to fetch and at first it's best done indoors, where there are no distractions lurking around. Especially with puppies, the best way to start training is at home with a food bag.

Rain can be great too

Hund steht mit einem Regenschirm im Maul bei Regen auf einer Straße

If your dog really hates bad weather, then it is your job to change that. Because exercise is important for the dog at any time of the year and in any weather. In order to make the walk in the rain palatable to your companion, you should set a good example. Dogs simply notice whether we feel like going for a walk ourselves or not. In addition, you can positively charge the walk in the rain with treats. And another little tip: if your dog just doesn't want to get wet, try wearing a raincoat. So the next bad weather dog walk can come!

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