Summer with dog: That's what counts!

Hund am Strand

As much as we enjoy the summer, it can sometimes be exhausting. It is not easy to keep a cool head in hot temperatures. And this applies not only to two-legged, but also to four-legged friends. We give tips on how your dog can get through the summer in a relaxed manner.

Had enough to drink?

A sufficient water supply is super important, especially in summer. You should therefore always have water for your pet with you. Offer your dog water regularly. A little tip for lazy dogs: put a small treat in the bowl so that even lazy dogs can enjoy the cool water.

Chilled snacks

On really hot days, you can also cool the dog from the inside. It's very easy: simply place your favourite snack, e.g. fruit, vegetables or dog liver sausage in an ice cube mould, pour water over it and put it in the freezer. After a few hours you can give your furry nose the snack.

A jump into the cold water

Many dogs are real water rats. What can quickly turn into a muddy affair with subsequent cystitis in autumn or winter is really good for the four-legged friend in summer. The wet cools the dog's body temperature down. If you don't have a river or lake nearby, you can also offer your dog a paddling pool.

Caution in the car

Even at an outside temperature of 24°C, the temperature inside the vehicle will reach 41°C after 30 minutes. Alarm: An ordeal for the dog! Especially in hot weather, you should never leave a dog in the car any longer - preferably not at all. The stuffy, hot air can lead to circulatory collapse and ultimately even death in animals. Even an open window will not help! So if you want to do something without a dog, it's better to leave it at home and take appropriate sun protection measures.

Providing shade

You have probably noticed that your dog sleeps and rests more in the summer. Don't worry, this is completely normal. The heat is exhausting! Often the fur noses then simply lie down somewhere and fall into a deep sleep. You as the owner* should make sure that your dog is always in the shade. Also make sure that your dog is never exposed to direct sunlight in your home.

Avoid hot asphalt

You should avoid walking on the asphalt in summer. Our four-legged friends walk barefoot almost all day. Although there is a little bit of callus, the hot ground can quickly lead to blisters on the paws. It is better to take your walks, which should not take too long in particularly hot temperatures, into the woods. Not only is the ground cool there, but the air is much more pleasant than anywhere else.

Brushing the dog

Do you wear a thick wool jumper in summer? Probably not! But joking aside, dogs with lots of hair should be brushed regularly in hot weather to remove loose fur and keep the animal's skin better ventilated. Because: Even dogs can sweat. You can quickly tell if your dog is too hot when he starts panting.

Adjust walk times

Long walks at over 30° Celsius are not fun for you or your dog and can even be dangerous. It is therefore best to adjust your walking times to the heat. Early in the morning and late in the evening are the right times for long walks in summer. During the day, you should limit yourself to smaller rounds for "business in between".

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