Cat marked: When the cat marks in the apartment

How to stop your cat from peeing indoors wildly and what the causes are. Inform now!

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When the house cat marks in the apartment

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After a few tiring hours in the office or visiting friends, you come back home. But wait, what is that?! You open the apartment door and a pungent smell hits you. cat urine! Immediately you realize: It has happened again! Your favorite house cat used your absence to pee wildly in the apartment. Tag your cat!

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Even if the first thoughts in relation to the pee campaign probably include the words "disgusting", "annoying" and "unnecessary", cat owners should keep in mind that wild peeing can also have serious causes. We explain possible triggers and reveal what you can do to prevent unwanted indoor urination and urine marking. In the following article you will receive tips for the behavioral repertoire when your cat is marking.

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Causes of wild apartment marking in cats

Marking with urine or the so-called urine spraying describes the natural behavior of non-neutered tomcats. Normally, the nerve-wracking behavior goes away on its own after neutering. But unwanted urination indoors also occurs in cats and neutered tomcats. And that can have many causes. The most important distinction: Your house tiger pees around wildly either because of health problems, stress or other behavioral problems. Before combating the unwanted behavior, you should find out which of the possible causes motivates your darling to pee in the apartment.

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Underlying Medical Condition

If your sweetheart has a bladder infection, a kidney problem or suffers from diabetes, all of this can lead to uncontrolled peeing and marking in the house. If you suspect your house cat is ill, make an appointment with your trusted veterinarian as soon as possible. In the case of cats and tomcats that constantly urinate due to illness, it is important to act quickly! Because a blocked urethra or a diabetes-related blood sugar level increase manifest themselves, for example, in increased urination.

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Stress-Related Marking

If your cat has no underlying disease, the cause of wild peeing can be stress. Unfortunately, the factors that motivate your darling to tag are diverse. Have you recently moved or have you housed your cat somewhere else for holiday reasons? Then it may be that your house tiger marks because of the change in environment and many new impressions.

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As sensitive beings, tomcats and cats also react sensitively to interpersonal tensions, family growth or new conspecifics. If you recently got a new pet, your family has grown, or there is a crisis in your relationship, these factors can also lead to undesirable marking behavior in cats and tomcats. Sometimes the reason for peeing around wildly lies in the smallest of things: Does your darling spot a strange cat outside that could potentially invade his territory, or do you make small changes to daily habits (moving the feeding place or the litter box, changing feeding or absence times, etc .), this can be enough for uncontrolled urination.

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Wild pee through toilet frustration

Another reason for unwanted urination behavior in the apartment: Kitty doesn't like her toilet! As a cat fan you know: the gentle cats are very peculiar. The same applies to their choice of toilet. Because the animals usually have very specific preferences for doing their big and small "business". Cats are usually reluctant to share their litter box, and nasty smells build up in litter boxes with covers, which can discourage your kitty from using them. If your cat is already on the scrap heap, it is also possible that it will no longer be able to negotiate high toilet entrances due to joint problems. Also: Cats like it clean! If the toilet is too dirty for them, they often look for another place to go to the toilet, much to the chagrin of their people.

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You can do that if your cat makes its way into the apartment

If the veterinarian has ruled out illness-related causes for playing in the apartment, try to make your cat's environment as stress-free as possible and offer it enough space and alternative space, for example if the family is growing. When keeping rival cats, it can help to set up separate living quarters for each animal so that encounters are prevented (for the time being).

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If the kitty is unhappy about the toilet situation for one of the reasons mentioned above, you can use a few tricks to make the litter box appealing to her again: First, make sure that there are enough toilets in the apartment. The rule of thumb is that the number of litter boxes should equal the number of animals plus one. So if you keep two velvet paws, there should be three litter boxes in your apartment. It can also help if the toilets are not placed in the same place. So that your kitten has nothing to complain about when it comes to cleanliness, you should clean the litter box at least twice a day. If you suspect that your darling can no longer make it into the toilet box due to signs of age, try a litter box with a low entry. Also, trying out different bedding products can help get cat stores back to their destination.

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Very important: Unwanted urination behavior and uncleanliness in tomcats and cats are not a question of training. It is therefore essential that you do not punish your darling for his behavior - even if it is difficult! Punishments usually only cause more stress for your velvet paw and can even ensure that the unwanted behavior increases further. You can also safely forget about supposedly tried and tested household remedies such as laying out aluminum foil or sprinkling pepper. These methods only ensure that your wild pisser looks for another corner of the apartment.

The right apartment cleaning when hangovers mark

With time, patience and the right tools, you will definitely be able to break the habit of peeing wildly in your healthy cat. But what about the ugly stains and the acrid smell that spreads all over your home? With our Hoppala-Spray you will get rid of the nasty traces in no time! The enzyme cleaner from Annimally is a real all-rounder and removes urine and faecal stains on textiles, carpets, upholstery and other surfaces effortlessly and particularly gently.

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By the way: Our Hoppala spray is not only ideal for cleaning urine or faeces, but is also the savior in an emergency for other stain accidents caused by vomiting or hairball choking.

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